Enterprise Architect Modeling-Potentials Evaluation

See how to improve your current modeling practices with EA to leverage effort on current & upcoming projects.

Step 1: Questionnaire

Start by taking 2-3 minutes to fill out our simple Modeling Potentials Questionnaire. This will give us a better idea of your current activities and goals.

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Step 2: Evaluation

We'll hold a 3-hour evaluation meeting at your facility to review methodology, language, modeling & tool status, define goals and perform a SWOT anaylsis.

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Step 3: Report

In 14 days you will receive your Modeling-Potentials Report, revealing potentials and offering recommendations for methodology and best practices.

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Why SparxServices?

For more than a decade, SparxSystems Software has been serving customers from every major industry, providing Sparx Enterprise Architect licenses, training and consulting. Over the years we have seen steady growth, not only in the number of companies integrating UML/SysML modeling with Enterprise Architect into their tool chains, but also in the complexity, breadth and depth of our customers’ modeling projects. More and more often, model-based development and engineering are implemented to define, document and execute business- and even safety-critical processes, which in turn continue to grow in size and number. This is a growing trend.

SparxServices has been created specifically to reach out to managers of model-based development departments that are using Sparx Enterprise Architect in their every-day work. What we offer is a review of the current status of this department’s activities as a whole and, most importantly, a workable action plan to realize and strengthen already-existing potentials.

First, customers fill out our Modeling-Potentials Questionnaire and set an appointment, at which time we then go on-site for a 3-hour Modeling-Potentials Evaluation and present preliminary findings. Fourteen days later, we deliver the Modeling-Potentials Report with our findings and recommendations, including a SWOT analysis and covering everything from methodology, language, modeling and tool awareness to clearly-defined steps toward achieving the department’s stated goals.

In this way we can apply our many years of knowledge and experience with UML/SysML and Enterprise Architect to supporting the modeling initiatives of companies striving to lead the way in Europe’s manufacturing and services industries.

The Modeling-Potentials Questionnaire takes only a few minutes to complete, then we’ll be in touch to discuss next steps.